The Best Way to Monetize Your Video Content Even with a Small Audience

This is the Crucible of Content Creation Designed So That You Can Learn, Implement, and Potentially Get Paid All At the Same Time...

This One Monetization Method Works Regardless If You Use YouTube or Another Platform!

Did you know that only x% of youtubers are monetized? That of those that are monetized they only average x amount per month?

Yet at the same time there are many smaller YouTube creators who are actually making much more with alternative methods of monetization.

You can leverage affiliate marketing with integrity and heart or you can hype it up as people have done over the years.

Either way the power of affiliate marketing is something which made and still makes Amazon what it is today.

Affiliate marketing is also a lot more widely used by so many companies that it has become much easier to find a match between the type of content you want to create and the offers that are out there.

Affiliate Marketing in a Nutshell: You share ideas surrounding an offer that encourages people to purchase and when they purchase through your link you get a percentage of profit.

A lot of video content creators give up because they need to pay the bills.

By leveraging affiliate marketing from the start there is potential profit making it easier to keep going rather than having to give up.

Use Simple Systems, Just do the Reps

There is a certain amount of simplicity to affiliate marketing which makes it very attainable. 

I find myself complicating things usually because of perfection or the need to be creative. Yet when I have just followed a system and got it working that's when things clicked for me. Trying to be fancy and creative just gets in the way!

Keep in mind: it's less about learning from one person and more about learning from a system that pretty much everyone uses. It's then putting in the reps or using the system over and over again.

I always figured I needed to be creative right away to stand out.

Turns out a lot of people just want simplicity first, creativity second.

By giving a potential audience simplicity you automatically stand out.

There are many marketers who talk about how their online course has 100 modules with 20 videos each. As if the quantity of content is the selling feature. When in fact it's a lot of work both for the creator and for the person going through the online course!

Simplicity is important and refreshing at the same time.

The Frameworks & Systems Do the Work for You

When I became an entrepreneur I found myself slipping into an hourly mindset. In other words, I kept thinking that if I put in 8 hours that was it. Turns out it's less about time and more about hitting targets (such as getting earning your first dollar). Targets can be hit by feeding a system that essential then does the work for you.

A Simple Rule for Affiliate Sales: Give First, Sell Second!

A lot of times it's easy to think that sharing your affiliate link is enough. While that might work for the most part everything is really built upon giving first and selling second.

This means instead of just sharing an affiliate link it's a lot more helpful and successful for you to send them to a bridge page. Ideally the bridge page is where you provide a quick solution to a problem where the next natural progression is the affiliate offer.

Ideally you want to capture the audiences email before they go to the affiliate offer.  

By using a bridge page you potentially increase the conversion rate for the affiliate offer while at the same time building an audience.

Bridge Pages in a nutshell - a page or pages ideally providing helpful information to where the next natural progression in the process is the affiliate offer.

The simplicity of each part is sometimes the downfall to many who try to complicate it through being creative or perfect.

This is All You Need...

Below is in a nutshell all you need to be successful with affiliate marketing. Obviously the type of content you create for each section is hugely important. Beyond that having some basic tracking to see what's working is also helpful. Even so the simplicity is very appealing as it means essentially all you need to do is setup the system and do the reps tweaking along the way until you get the desired outcome.

You create a video which captures attention and interest while at the same time ending with a desire for more.

You provide a bridge page that helps them while capturing their email and getting them even more motivated to buy

You send them a series of emails which continue to help while at the same time linking to the affiliate offer.

This Basic Setup is What Everyone Uses with Some Variation...

Regardless on who you learn affiliate marketing from you are going to find a similar setup.

The reason? Email has stood the test of time.

The setup also fosters multiple touch points which is important when you realize that it takes on average 7-11 touch points before a person buys.

An email series fostering good will with helpful information along the way easily gets to this number of touch points. 

Yet it's necessary to understand what works on a deeper level. While you can just copy and paste popular headlines, titles, and other copy, in the end it's the deeper understanding of why these work which help you move beyond copying other people.

You get all that from experience which comes from having your own basic crucible of a sign up page, a basic email series, and so on.

Once you have this crucible in place it's just a matter of playing with what's much like playing baseball. The crucible allows you to step up to bat and take a swing. You won't always hit much but over time through reps and practice you do...

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