9 Stories of Leveraging Conscious Affiliate Marketing to Monetize content creation without Selling out, Getting Overwhelmed, or sucking the life out of you...

So many existing content creators or those that are just getting started want to leverage affiliate marketing yet it often seems sleasy and overwhelming.

This free email series shares 9 different stories from people of all walks of life who created a simple foundation to leverage affiliate marketing while just being themselves...

Amongst the stories shared are practical tips and exercises for moving towards monetizing your own content creation.

The goal is to consciously create the life you want for yourself and those around you...to have the time to explore, to figure out ways to be free from the matrix, and become a sovereign citizen if that's what you want...

Affiliate marketing makes managing your own time aka time freedom a reality. It's also the first step in a larger journey...yet when you take that first step it's much easier to take the next and then the next and so on...

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Some of The Characters

  • Erica is a home schooling mother who started in on affiliate marketing soon after the birth of her first child. She decided upon home schooling and affiliate marketing fit with that schedule without feeling like she was taking away from her kid!
  • Jake is a firefighter in California who broke through perfection when creating videos and now creates them on a regular basis so that he can go full time online. 
  • Nikki ran an Etsy shop with knitted items until she found herself at the limit of what she could do...she broke through her initial barriers of thinking she needed to wait. Now she is creating content on a regular basis instead of knitted items allowing her to scale to a greater extent!

The breakthroughs

  • They say you can't do much with 10-15 minutes here and there however most of the people found that with the right plan that was enough time!
  • They say it's really hard to create videos yet when you get past perfection procrastination it becomes so much easier!
  • They say that physical products are the easiest and fastest way to make a profit online. The flip side are the thin margins and still trading time for money. This one shift changes all that...

Disclaimer: While these are inspiring stories what you are able to do online is all up to many factors including but not limited to your existing abilities and how much action you take. There are no promises or guarantees to any endeavor, the risk and rewards are all on you.