The Complete System to Build a Solid YouTube Audience without Chasing Ongoing Tactics

YouTube is Full of Quick Short-Term Tactics that Keep Most Chasing Their Tail

Although there are some who make it just following the next easy tactic for many it doesn't work...which is why according to the Observer:

"The top three percent most popular channels attract 90 percent of total views"

You would think the deck is stacked against video content creators yet when you play the long game you realize right now is one of the best times to be a creator...and it's certainly far less crowded than blogging! 

Most of the time it's about following a plan...because there are so many distractions it's actually harder than most think even if the plans are simple. It's also really hard at the beginning to see little results for all the effort so people give up.

The good news is: if you are willing to keep focused then YouTube is one of the best ways to build an audience. The audience is the real key to YouTube and beyond...

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