Introducing the Creative Matrix...

A 9 part system for gaining clarity on what you offer, your audience, and what to create...

Your Creative Core

The first part is setting up your creative core. It's in this section you establish what drives you and your content forward and establish that as an ongoing system.

Your Tribal Core

This section is all about setting up a system for building, connecting, and co-creating with your tribe.

Scaling Beyond

This system brings all that you have setup so far to scale to whatever level you want to maintain.


Your Manifesto & Core Content.

Drawing out your Ikigai and then weaving that into your manifesto gives you the grounding necessary to stay the course throughout the twists, turns, and bumps always present in any journey. It also establishes conviction and clarity which in turn comes through in all your core content and messaging...


Co-Creation with the Universe.

We create from within a larger context of experiences and the universe at large. Co-creating with greater intention from sources such as your subconscious, collective consciousness, your tribe, and the universe takes adopting certain frameworks and habits. Once you do you will be intentionally co-creating everything.


Re-Awakening Your Voice.

Your voice is how you call your tribe to you. By going through certain exercises and frameworks you will re-awaken what you say and how you say it so that it naturally matches your Ikigai and core content. This in turn draws the right people to you and repels the rest.

The First Step Towards Clarity

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Core Offer.

You have core solutions that match your expertise and manifesto. Establishing what those are and researching so that they match what your tribe is concerned with in a language they not only understand but gravitate to is what this part of the journey is about...


Experiential Proof.

There is an old way of thinking that reviews, testimonials and general results is proof enough. There is a new way that revolves around experiential proof. This is where you show your tribe that you can help them by actually helping them through a process not just giving them a PDF they will never read or use...doing so then leaves little room for doubt and advances those who are a match to you to the next level...


Feedback Loop.

Through various tools, frameworks, and habits you establish a feedback loop with your initial audience and interactive tribe...this in turn allows you to co-create with them on an ongoing basis...the end result is that you support them while they support you...


YouTube Ads

There are certain points throughout the whole process where you will use YouTube ads to consistently grow your audience and sell your offers.



When you are ready to scale and reward your most dedicated fans it's time to launch an affiliate program. The affiliate program you have not only helps you but also your tribe. Done right an affiliate program can be the real turning point to a sustainable future with your audience NOT relying on third party sites.


Ongoing Offers

Once you have established the system of co-creating with a dedicated tribe then it's just a matter of co-creating more of what they need and want. This means you will have an evergreen business which adapts and morphs with your tribe.

The First Step Towards Clarity

Click the button below to apply. Before the call there is a quick form to fill out.

Still Thinking About It?

If you are stuck one way to get unstuck is through a conversation. This could be that conversation. There is no reason to apply unless you are stuck, need some clarity, and everything on this page makes sense to you. The call itself is a discovery call for both of us...the Creative Matrix System isn't for everyone and this call is to figure out if it's right for both of if you are serious then apply, if not then sit back and think, what am I doing in the next 90 days to move forward?