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Taking Inspired Action!

The series is full of inspiring stories, in order to get the most out of them you should consider taking inspired action...

One way to ensure taking action while inspired is to create a very simple setup that allows you to test ideas as you go. This way you leverage your state of mind to take action!

There are a couple different levels depending on your level of comfort and ease of implementation for you!

Regardless on what level you choose the inspirations from the series will likely make you realize how basic items in place actually lead to amazing other words, you don't need to be as "creative" as you might think!

Note: some of these are affiliate links which helps me keep going as a creator at no extra cost to you, thank you!

minimum Level

This is where you sign up for ActiveCampaign or some other email host. ActiveCampaign is only $9 a month and provides a sign-up page so that you technically don't even need a website! Email is the lifeblood of most successful online ventures...when you see what others are doing it becomes easier to realize wait a minute I could do that!

Medium level

Sign up for ActiveCampaign or other email provider alongside ThriveThemes (can use any host to start although I do like Siteground as they are host specifically for Wordpress). This way you have a website with all that you need. It also means you can download and move to any other provider in a day or less providing a greater ability to escape censorship.

Best level

Sign up for ActiveCampaign or other email provider alongside ThriveThemes and taking the 15 day challenge so that you take inspired action while having a strategic and proven path to getting paid to create content…