Home Schooling Mother Leverages Affiliate Marketing to Serve Her Family!

Home schooling is made more possible today than ever before! Plus along with others many realize how affiliate marketing can be done without having to sell out to the typical marketing tactics that so many hate...

Take Inspired Action!

Inspirational stories are fun yet by taking action when you are inspired there is so much more you can do.

Take the actions below to start the journey from just being inspired to actually seeing results!


Get a Clear Path Forward:

The 15 day challenge provides a clear list of tasks to do so that you can start making money with affiliate marketing.


Leverage Wordpress:

Wordpress ensures you are in control of your content rather than a third-party (example Wix or Squarespace). Learn all about how to easily create sign up pages with design and copy prompts!


Start Using Email:

Of all the ways to connect with people email has actually stood the test of time the longest. Sign up for ActiveCampaign below or choose any of the familiar email providers most are pretty good. 


Create with Video:

Video offers one of the best ways to connect with your audience while being a lot less crowded than blogging. Check out the link below on how to establish a video channel and more...

Note: there are affiliate links above that help me as a content creator make it online with no extra cost to you! Thank you! Also note that each person is different in terms of results that are possible, keep an open mind and just get started, you might be surprised just how much you can do with just the basics!