This is All the Proof You Need to Thrive Online Despite Ongoing Changes & Challenges...

There is something far better than testimonials to offer your tribe...

There is only One Guarantee with Being Online: Constant Changes & Updates!

There are all kinds of people willing to help facilitate your online business. It's usually based on what they did in the past...yet the online world is changing so rapidly that what worked before won't necessarily work the same way today...

The good news is there are actually simple systems that once put in place ensure ongoing adaptability and growth regardless of the ongoing updates from Google, YouTube, Facebook, or even your dedicated niche audience.

What if I told you these systems are simple to setup and have the benefit of helping to end procrastination! 

For me before I implemented systems into what I did I was all over the place with creating content. I had taken courses and helped businesses make it online yet when it came to my own I wanted to be "more creative" than everyone else.

Turned out that was the one thing which constantly hi-jacked my growth...and I was constantly trying to be super creative so that I could stand out more...yet consistently my content failed to gain traction...and then I started to co-create my content...

By Co-Creating Your Content You Stay Relevant Despite Ongoing Updates and Changes

It's easy to think you need to come up with ALL THE IDEAS and then success comes from that original content...yet when you look it's those that combine ideas in unusual ways and facilitate how those ideas are presented that really gain audiences attention.

Example: take a look at Bailey Sarian who has a YouTube channel covering history and murder mysteries. She researches unusual elements of history and then shares them in a very personable way weaving together little known facts from popular history, murder, and otherwise...and so it's finding the unusual, the popular, and sharing it in an very entertaining way...she didn't come up with the original content yet she did find a new way to combine unusual historical ideas.

What you're creating then comes you and what's already out there rather than just all from's a form of co-creation...and comes from having systems which feed your creative well while also ensuring consistent output...

Instead of Relying Upon Willpower: Rely Upon Building Systems

This is all very simple. Your willpower alone is not going to cut it. It doesn't matter how many motivational videos you watch by mid-day or less your willpower is on it's way out. By building out systems it's much easier to start WITHOUT THINKING and allowing the process within the system to PULL YOU FORWARD.

By Having Simple Systems for Everything: It Takes Out the Drag from Unnecessary Decision Making!

Remember just like with willpower you only have so much decision making power in a day.

By having all the systems in place that same decision making power of deciding what to do next can then be spent on other larger decisions.

I don't know about you but I have gone through many days where by the time I am set with getting down to actually create I only have 2-3 hours of actual time. The rest is spent just getting ready to be ready to be ready...

Trying to create without systems in place is like reinventing the wheel every day - not only are you starting over from scratch but you eat up most of the day just getting motivated and formulating a plan!

Here it is: Experiential Proof

This is the framework many use for crafting a mini online offer which offers experiential proof with low cost and high value.

By offering a solution you are giving an audience a chance to know you can help them via direct experience. This trumps all the testimonials and screen shots of what you or other people can do...because at the end of all that guess what?

There are a list of disclaimers...this is all for entertainment purposes only...each person's skills, circumstances, and experiences are different so you may not get ANY is always a risk...

All of these disclaimers are at the bottom in fine print...well guess what now you eliminate all that and provide a proven direct experience with high value and low cost so that you get the people really interested while filtering out the freebie seekers...

  1. 1
    Everyone is different: it's always been hard to trust testimonials not only because they might be fake but also because each person is different...different skills, abilities, circumstances and so on which is why the disclaimers are there...yet on top of all that there are different people teaching with different styles, personalities and so on. The one way to know if someone's style is going to be a good fit is to have direct experience!
  2. 2
    There are no guarantees: The guarantee is a false hope or promise getting you to purchase. Having an online business is inherently a risk and that's in the disclaimers as well! Accepting that up front gives you enough pause to really ask, is this a good course for me to take? Could I get what I want to learn out of a course I already own? Remember it's not just the money at risk but your time which is even more valuable. What you "get" happens when you do rather than when you purchase...and there is no guarantee you will even finish the course!  
  3. 3
     Charging is Filtering: By charging even a small amount you are setting yourself up for a different audience. When someone is willing to pay even a small amount they value the exchange over just getting something for free. If what they are getting is really good why would they expect it to be free? The type of person you get is vastly different than when give away for free regardless of all your good intentions...
Experiential Proof

Introducing Crafting a Direct Experience - AKA Experiential Proof

All the tools online especially with AI allow just about anyone to create what appears to be something that's successful when it's not...this makes it harder than ever to see truth from fiction. An obvious solution is to offer your tribe a direct experience at a price that makes it easy to say yes. This direct experience is all the proof they need. Get it now to start building your tribe and making an impact...

Experiential Proof

100% No Guaranteed (see below)

Secure Payment

Wyatt Christman

Creator of Experiential Proof

About the Author

I have been online working with small to medium sized businesses since 2009. Most of this has been with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I have also delved into selling on Amazon eventually becoming a top rated handmade seller. This next evolution of working online for me has been with YouTube and video. After seeing what works and what doesn't directly, talking with others, research and many online courses I have realized one thing. Every business needs to have a content crucible for which to learn directly and indirectly from their audience. One of the best ways to do that is by setting up a mini offer so that you begin the process of co-creating with a tribe. The Experiential Proof offer is such a system which allows anyone to create their way forward with an audience instead of always chasing what others are doing or what seems to be working at one moment in time. I hope you join me on this co-creative journey so that we might move ourselves and others to the next evolution of our consciousness...

Get Paid to Grow Your Tribe with

Motivated People

By constantly creating free content you are getting people who have no skin in the game. The same is true for when you offer something for free in exchange for an email address. Not only are you getting a lot of random people you are probably not even getting a real email address...

By using the Experiential Proof system you filter out your potential tribe to people who are willing to pay for an offer. These are also people motivated to take action and get results rather than just looking around for another idea...

Experiential Proof

Here's What You Get When You Purchase Experiential Proof 

  • Actual actions and exercises to take without having to listen to endless hours of content
  • An exact roadmap with checklists so that you always know what to do next
  • Templates so that you aren't starting from scratch
  • Research engine so you know where to look to ensure you have a solution people want to buy
  • How to create copy that connects without being a copywriter 

100% No Guarantee (see below)

Secure Payment

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100% No Guarantee

I fully guarantee you will NOT get your money are taking a risk and some of that has to do with money yet it also has to do with you have to ask yourself is this really worth it? There are all kinds of tactics people use online for you to feel safe and trusted...yet online business is none of that. This is part of getting out of what some term hourly thinking...where you think ok I put in my 8 hours so now I get my business doesn't work that way...You have to be willing to risk, to learn, and tweak UNTIL you get the result you want. Hourly thinking says if I buy this course and go through all of it I am guaranteed the results promised...yet we all know that isn't true and the fine print says if you do this you are going all in and claim the REWARD THROUGH ACTION rather than THROUGH can thank me later...

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Why should I trust you?

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P.S.: You came to the bottom because you wanted a quick summary or some other words that might help you decide...this is all very simple and not something to overthink if you are then ask yourself what will I be doing differently in a week to move towards building a tribe? Can't think of anything? Purchase, follow the tasks and start getting excited about what's possible...

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