Wyatt Christman

Owner of WJC Studios

Hi, I'm Wyatt Christman. It's great to see you!

I love creating with the camera lens and video in particular. There is so much you can learn via the lens that is unlike any other medium. The process of creating videos especially for YouTube offers a crucible of learning about creativity, people, self, culture, and many other layers.

My goal is to inspire as many other people to use the medium to gain their freedom and in the process learn so much about intentional living, spirituality, and why we are here on this planet in the first place!

There is a balance between the search for truths and leveraging the exchange of energy via money to keep the journey going...so there are calls to action to different offers that I have found worthwhile promoting.

One of the strongest messages is that I am not here with THE answers to anything. Much like the individual nature of our fingerprints or microbiome we each have a syncronistic combination of energy and circumstances making up who we are...

How we develop with that energy is up to each person however by combining ideas from different people there are ways to help facilitate clarity...

It's towards that end that I create videos expanding on different ideas to explore what's really possible being fully human...it's so much more than we have been told or led to believe... 

  • Full Time RVing

  • Freedom

  • Content Creation

  • Camera Gear

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